Area of protection 14.8 dm2
Material of hard plates Spec. steel
Class of protection 4 class
Type of wearing Exterior
Weight, kg. 8.7-11

Examples of fabric

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Detailed description of the construction

Bulletproof  "Sphere-Sp2" are made from wear-resistant fabric with water-repellent. The vest consists of chest and spinal parts, which are interconnected by wide and comfortable shoulder elements that allow for adjustment of the vest on the figure.

Structure of protection “chest” (“back”):

  • 2 armored elements with area of protection 7,4 dm2, which was made of steel;
  • Additional armored elements on Bul 2 class of protection of national standards 50744-95 with area of protection 1,62 dm2, which was made of steel, deliver from the bottom of the main hard plate, depending on size of the product;
  • At pleasure of the customer additional elements are put with a bulletproof vest, a circular protection, groin, neck, and shoulders;
  • A pocket with armored elements is stitched with an outward case; The variant with detachable pockets under the armor panels;
  • Antihunt gasket 20 mm.

Construction of the product guarantees preservation of durability to impact of affecting factors under the influence of atmospheric precipitation like rain and snow, open fire and effect of direct solar ray.

The product saves operational characteristics at differences of temperatures from –30 0С to +40 0С and in conditions of excess moisture (till 98 %) – at a temperature till +30 0С. The product can be easily match on body thanks to humeral clasps and belt bracings from fabric and doesn’t restrict human’s freedom of movement.

The main area of protection from 14,8 dm2;

Weigh of the product from 8.7 kg to 11 kg depending on height;

Type of product

Class of protection according to national standards 50744-95

Type of weapon and ammunition



5,45x39 mm ПП, ind. 7N10

5,45-mm machine gun Kalashnikov 1974, AK 74, ind. 6П20, or modification AK 74: 
AK74N1 (ind. 6P20N1), or 
AK 74N2 (ind. 6P20N2), or
AK 74N3 (ind. 6P20NЗ), or
5,45-mm machine gun Kalashnikov 1974 with folding butt AKS 74 ind. 6P21, or modification AKS 74: 
AKS 74N1 (ind. 6П21Н1), or 
АКС 74Н2 (ind. 6П21Н2), or
АКС 74Н3 (ind. 6П21Н3), or
5,45-mm machine gun Kalashnikov 1974 modernized 
AK 74M, ind. 6П34, or 7,62-mm machine gun Kalashnikov "100 series" AK103, ind. 6P45

7,62x39 mm, ind.57-N-231

7,62-mm modernized machine gun Kalashnikov AKM, ind. 6P1, or 7,62-mm modernized machine gun Kalashnikov with folding butt AKMS, ind. 6P4, or 7,62-mm machine gun Kalashnikov "100 series" AK103, ind. 6P45

Additional equipment

Sphere-Br4 Sphere-Br4
Height Height cm Size
Small Under 170 48-50
Middle 170-180 52-54
Large 180-190 54-58
Super large More than 190 60-62
1.Pocket for documents 13x9x2.5
2.Pocket for cell phone 12x6.5x3
3.Pocket for broadcasting station 16x7x3.5
4.Pocket for manacles 10х14
At pleasure, helmets can be equipped with anti-shock visor, the transport bag, an additional external cover.

Guarantee of preservation of protective internals 12 years.
Guarantee of the external case and inside equipment 12 months.
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