Area of protection 15.3
Material of hard plates Steel plate
Class of protection Shockproof
Weight, kg. 1.6

Examples of fabric

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Detailed description of the construction

Helmet “Alpha-P” conforms the requirements of national standards, technical conditions and standard, which was approved in established order. Secures human’s head protection from stokes with sharp and blunt objects and also from influence of firearms.

Helmet “Alpha-P” consists of metal elements (4 things): central frontal, central occipital, right and left shaped according to head’s shape and inserted into the tissue case.

There is a part in the helmet which consists of case with inserted permanent antihunt elements with thickness 5-10 mm.

Individual adjustment of helmet “Alpha-P” for head is accomplished in the range of sizes 54-62 by dint of lacing controllable fabric base of balaclava. Close and reliable planting of helmet on your head is guaranteed thanks to sewn balaclava with the help of controllable strap under the chin with quick lock.

Construction of the product guarantees preservation of durability to impact of affecting factors under the influence of atmospheric precipitation like rain and snow, open fire and effect of direct solar ray. It can save operational characteristics at differences of temperatures from –30 0С to +40 0С and in conditions of excess moisture (till 98 %) – at a temperature till +30 0С.

Color (you can choose): black, dark-green, dark-blue, camouflage or any other color you want.

Material: steel

Class of protection: Shockproof

Common area of protection (shockproof), dm2: 15, 3

Weight, kg: 1, 6 

Type of product

Class of protection according to national standards 50744-95

Type of weapon and ammunition

Helmet “Alpha-P”



The product “Alpha-P” guarantee protection from impact force with energy of the stroke (88,6+0,55) J with objects mass not more than 3 kg (stones, bottles, sticks) with distance of the throw under 5 m.

Additional equipment

At pleasure, bulletproof vests can be completed with special pockets, additional belt straps, additional lateral defense, embroidered patches, load-transfer bag.

Guarantee of preservation of protective internals 12 years.
Guarantee of the external case and inside equipment 12 months.
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