LLC commercial manufacturing enterprise “Sphere” makes bulletproof vests and helmets.

Our factory works in this field more than 25 years and has recommend itself like accountable, high-grade manufacturer and deliverer quality individual protective gear which can occupy dominant positions in the Russian markets and in the countries of the near abroad markets.

On our factories there are only highly qualified specialists in the field of metalwork and constructional engineering. Managers of the commercial manufacturing enterprise “Sphere” can quickly and quality help you to make the right choice, which is guarantee faultless satisfaction of your needs in the sphere of personal security. We guarantee regular production and delivery of our production in any necessary amount.

All of our production have approval certificates and test protocols.

Our standing customers, with which we have long-time and mutually profitable relations: Russian Encashment Association, OJSC Gazprom, LLC Transneft-security, special purpose squadrons, private security firms in cities of Russia and also countries of the near abroad and far-abroad countries.

Delivery of the production is carried out by auto or air or railway service, post service and delivery service in short lead time.

Guarantee of preservation of protective internals 12 years.

We sincerely hope on long-time and mutually beneficial co-operation!

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