How are weight and wear life important?

Allowable time continuous wear the vest depends on several parameters, such as its thermal insulation and hygroscopic properties, ergonomic design, etc. The main parameter for body armor 3 or more classes is its weight.

The studies empirically determined that for adult men with average physical data during continuous wear body armor without deteriorating health under normal conditions depending on the weight of the vest:

Weight vest to 7 kg - 12 hours
Weight vest up to 9 kg - 9 hours
Weight vest 12 kg - 5 hours
Weight vest 16 kg - 2 hours
Weight vest 23 kg - 1 hour

Of course, depending on the intensity of the work and environmental conditions, this time can vary considerably both in greater and in the smaller side.

While wearing body armor lung tissue 1 and 2, protection classes having up to 3 kg weight, it depends mainly on their insulating properties and heat capacity of the organism. For proper operation, it can be up to 24 hours or more ( "Means of individual protection" Silnikov MV Khimichev VA (p. 190))
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